Community Service Hiring Procedures

Student Employment Process

Access the Online insideND Portal

The insideND portal houses the primary tools utilized throughout the student employment hiring process. Enter "Student Employment" in the search field to access the Student Employment Task Center. Select the Community Service task to access Hiring Procedures and FAQs.

Post a Job to the JOBboard

The JOBboard is available to post hourly academic year student employment positions. To post a community service position to the online JOBboard, select the JOBboard Submission Form task:

  • Use position titles and descriptions authorized for the Federal Work-Study Program
  • Type directly into the fields (copying/pasting from another program may change the formatting)
  • Once the Office of Student Employment has reviewed your submission, the opening will be posted to the JOBboard for up to 30 days

Verify Federal Work-Study Eligibility

Confirm Federal Work-Study eligibility before offering the position to the student:

  • A student’s work eligibility can be found in the Financial Aid Notification (FAN) provided by the Office of Financial Aid or a student may log into insideND to print the financial aid information
  • Each student must provide one of the items stated above to your organization to confirm Federal Work-Study eligibility. Student should fax or email a copy before an interview is conducted
  • If Federal Work-Study is listed on the FAN for both fall and spring, the student is eligible to work both semesters

Please note: Failure to verify that a student has Federal Work-Study eligibility may require your organization to reimburse the student the full amount owed for any hours the student has worked. 

Remove a Job from the JOBboard

Once your organization has completed a review of an application and found the right candidate for your position, to remove a post from the JOBboard, select the JOBboard Removal Form task. Removing your position will ensure that you do not continue to receive inquiries and allows students to focus on applying for positions that are still open.

Before the Student's First Day

The following requirements must be completed:

Student Personnel Action Form (SPAF) – this form is completed by the supervisor. We will send an electronic version that should be saved to your computer to use throughout the current school year; please discard previous versions of this form. For guidelines on completing the SPAF, please review the Student Personnel Action Form (SPAF) Completion Guidelines sent to you.

Student Employee Requirements – all first-time student employees should be directed to the New Student Employee Guide. Again, this is not required if student worked the prior school year.

  • Form I-9 – Federal regulations require that the University have on file a Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) with copies of supporting documentation
    • Upon receipt of the SPAF, we will enter the job into the online hiring tool:
      • If a Form I-9 is required by the student, the student will receive an email including a link to the New Student Employee Guide
        • A copy of the student’s email will be forwarded to you; please follow-up with the student to ensure its timely completion
        • If the Form I-9 is not completed within 3 days of the employment start date, the job will be out of compliance and you will be contacted to submit a new SPAF
      • If a Form I-9 is not required, no additional steps are required
      • For more information relating to the Form I-9 process, please contact askHR at 631-5900 or directly
  • Payroll Information – included in the New Student Employee Guide

Monitor Accumulated Earnings

Monitor hired students’ accumulated earnings to ensure they do not exceed the Federal Work-Study eligibility outlined in the Financial Aid Notification.

Student Employment Policies


  • All student employees are considered non-exempt employees for the purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Organizations must keep accurate records of hours worked and pay students the full amount due for all hours worked in each pay period.
  • Organizations cannot pay students less than Notre Dame’s student minimum hourly rate, nor can they under report or inaccurately report hours in order to manage budget constraints.
  • Undergraduate student employees are paid on an hourly basis; they are not eligible to receive lump sum payments.
  • Direct Deposit is the method of payment for all University employees, including students; hourly employees are paid bi-weekly (every other Friday) via direct deposit to their personal bank accounts.
    • Please direct students to the Direct Deposit task within insideND.

General Policies

  • Students are not permitted to work until all forms (including any additional requests) have been submitted and verified.
  • Eligibility to apply for Community Service employment is based on a student’s enrollment status, Federal Work-Study eligibility on the Financial Aid Notification (FAN) and eligibility to legally work in the United States.
  • To ensure all student jobs are approved in a timely manner, please review the Payroll Calendar.
    • The Office of Student Employment allows 3 days from the student's Job Effective Date to complete the I-9 process (or the Payroll cut-off, whichever comes sooner) before voiding it.
    • Our office voids the job the day after the Payroll deadline. If you submit a SPAF for a student's job on the deadline, the transaction is at risk for being voided since it is the next day.
    • If jobs are voided you will receive this message from our office :

Transaction voided due to outstanding Form I-9. The Form I-9 must be completed within 3 business days of the start date of employment or before the payroll cutoff date, whichever is sooner. Student is not permitted to work until this form is completed and on file with HR. All jobs for this pay period must remain OUT of the queue until Payroll opens up again for entry the following week. Job transactions without a Form I-9 cannot remain in the queue while Payroll is running. Please resubmit a new SPAF next week.

  • The following Tuesday, of the Payroll deadline, Student Employment can enter a new SPAF on your behalf, the student would have 3 days to complete the process before we initiate the voiding process again.
  • Students may not work during their scheduled class time.
  • During the academic year, students may hold more than one position at a time; however, the University limits the number of hours a student can work to 20 hours per week and no more than 8 hours per day.
  • Community Service positions are for a maximum of one academic year and automatically terminate at the end of that year. If a student is to be rehired for a subsequent period, the student must be rehired through a new SPAF for the following academic year.
  • No student shall be placed in a position where he/she would be under the direct supervision of a parent or relative.

Student Employment Onboarding

The supervisor should establish clear expectations, set a positive example, and provide coaching as needed so that student workers will be able to contribute effectively in the performance of their duties and will gain useful skills and experience.

Each organization designee should develop an onboarding protocol for students hired by the agency. Minimally, onboarding topics should include:

  • Completion of work requirements as listed in the New Student Employee Guide
  • UltraTime (the University’s electronic time-keeping system for bi-weekly non-exempt hourly staff and students)
    • Questions pertaining to this program should be directed to Payroll
  • Expectations - job responsibilities, work schedule, conduct, absences, dress code
  • Applicable organization policies and training:
  • Workplace specifics - introduction to staff, assigned work space, and equipment overview

Contact Information

Office of Human Resources
200 Grace Hall
(574) 631-5900

Office of Student Employment
115 Main Building
(574) 631-6454

Payroll Services
724 Grace Hall
(574) 631-7575