LaFortune Student Center | Building Manager

Entrusted with keys to the LaFortune Student Center while on duty.
Responsible for evening and weekend management of LaFortune Student Center.
Assists with use of meeting rooms by students, faculty and staff which may include unlocking/ locking meeting spaces, AV Technology set-up, and other assistance as needed.
Ensures the safety and security of the Student Center for students and guests by notifying the appropriate authority for a given situation.
Enforces compliance with all University and LaFortune Student Center policies by students and visitors.
Assist with responsibilities of the Information Desk and Box Office with cash management.
Conducts hourly rounds and keeps record of all meeting spaces and building usage.
Hang posters throughout the building and remove expired posters.
Work cooperatively with and assist fellow student staff: Information Desk and Box Office Attendants, Event Assistants, Project Assistants, Cake Service Attendants, and Student Shop Attendants.
Complete Building Manager Reports at the end of each shift to be sent to supervisors and SAO staff.
Review Operations Reports and 7Points to verify reservation space use.
Resolve and report any issues that may occur within the LaFortune Student Center. This includes maintenance issues, personnel issues, policy and procedure issues, etc.
Assist with the maintenance and upkeep of SAO equipment utilized by student organizations and clubs.
Assist in ensuring the cleanliness of LaFortune by informing custodial staff of issues and maintaining own work space, including emptying office trash as needed.
Attend regular team meetings.
Other tasks as assigned.


Must be people-oriented, have good cash handling skills, and be able to problem solve with little direction.
Return to campus prior to the start of each semester to attend Fall/Spring Training.
As a representative of the Student Activities Office, must be able to effectively and courteously interact with students, staff, faculty and visitors to LaFortune.
Must be self-motivated and able to work independently in difficult situations with little supervision.
Have the ability to prioritize and handle events and tasks as they occur.
Have a basic understanding of how to use an Apple iPad.
Be familiar with University of Notre Dame resources, campus, and campus activities.
Expected to follow all guidelines set forth by SAO for student employees.


Managers Hours cover the following: 

Weekdays | 3pm-2am

Weekends | 8am-2am

Each shift is 3-4 hours during these times. 

Student Activities Office
Positions Available

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Casey St. Aubin
(574) 631-7308
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