Each semester, the office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes employs tutors in a wide variety of academic disciplines to assist student-athletes with their academic coursework.

These are paid positions and both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply.


To be qualified to tutor for a course, you must have received AP credit, a grade of an A or an A-, or have an undergraduate degree in the field, and must be confident in your ability to effectively convey the subject matter to another student.

Additionally, applicants are asked to provide a professor as a reference. All ASSA tutors must be in academic good standing.

Currently seeking tutors within the follow subjects:

*Accounting: ACCT 20200(Accounting II), ACCT 30110 (M&D I), ACCT 30120 (Strategic CostMgt) ACCT 30280 (Data Analytics in Acct)

* Aerospace and Mechanical engineering:all courses, especially AME 20221
(Mechanics I), AME 21267 (Design Tools I), AME 21268 (Design Tools II), AME 30331
(Fluid Mechanics)

*ACMS:ACMS 10145 (Stats for Business I)

ACMS 20550 ( Intro to Applied Math Methods), ACMS 20620 (Applied Linear Algebra)

* Biological Sciences: BIOS 10172 (Biological Sciences I, formerly BIOS 10161 or BIOS 20201) 

* Chemical Engineering: all courses, especially CBE 20260 (Theomodynamics I), CBE
30367 (Thermodynamics II), and CBE 30357 (Biotransport)
CHEM 40420 (Principles of Biochem)

* Electrical Engineering: all courses

* Finance: all courses, especially FIN 20150 (Corporate Financial Mgt), FIN 30210
(Managerial Econ), FIN 30220 (Macroecon), FIN 30400 (Advanced Corporate Finance)

* Information Technology/ Analytics, ITAO 20200 (Statistical Inference in Business)
ITAO 20600 (IT Management), ITAO 30800: Process Analytics

* Mathematics- MATH 20580 (Lin Alg and Diff Eqs), MATH 30650 (Differential Equations)

* Physics - PHYS 10310 (Engineering Physics I), PHYS 10320
(Engineering Physics II),


Please refer to link below for application:


* Orientation is required for all new tutors
* Please contact hiring manager with questions.

Academic Services for Student-Athletes
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